Gamers Need Not Be Men!

I’ve been playing videos games for YEARS! Since I was a youngling in Elementary School! Yeah, then it turned into High School gamer then onward to weekend warrior. Point is, that women can play video games as well as they can do it very much as epicly as men. Perhaps yes, the stereotype is that men are “natural” hunters. In sense that it would be that they are talented at firing pixelated beams of light at other characters as if their lives depend on it!

So my point on bringing any of this up is to finally break free of the challenges that we as women gamers have and strap on not just a sexual device. But a controller for us to smash the fields of the interweb and bring about the true balance of video game lovers EVERY WHERE!!!! So yes I may be a bit crazy but that comes with the territory. As a female and a video game player I need to make myself known, so randomly on the net as this. To call my avatar names out into the ether so that god can stand up and take notice of my epic deeds in the virtual world. I could be the fattest nastiest, smelliest chick PC game player ever. But you know what, my avatar is HOT, it’s smoking baby, and for those men out there that know better, you don’t want to screw with this chick!

I’m deadly in all forms of combat:

First Person

Role Playing

Turn Based Strategies

PokeMon SMASH!!!

League of Legends

World of Warcraft

That’s right, I’m so damn nerdy. I’m the nerdiest damn bitch you’d ever meet. In fact I’m most likely your wet dream when it comes to nerdy video game playing psycho chicks. But you know what? I’m the hottest damn thing you’d ever see. AND I PLAY VIDEO GAMES! How bout that boys. Who wants a piece of this shit? You better watch out you may be the old homeless video game testing guy, but I have beef with you and I’m coming for your sugar bits, you blew up my base and now ur base are belong to me!!!! But for those who are nasty and ready to smash check with Elli Sanders hentai games!

I may not be like my big sister, who is even more hot then I am and actually a better player (who plays for $$$ and WINS!). But I have the spirit of a little yap yap dog that can chase away any enemy of my virtual gaming world!

Better step back and take notice boys, because here I am! Ready to fucking kill you! So nicely.

-Beth Yuki

Beth Yuki the Woman Who Plays Video Games